Splash Pad at Plaza de Luna – Pensacola, Florida

We love splash pads at the Pensacola with Kids family!  We were especially excited when the splash pad/water feature was built in Plaza de Luna but we were quickly disappointed to learn that the only guaranteed time that the splash pad was open was on Thursday from 5:30-7pm…what????    We have this awesome free water feature that is a way to attract not only locals to the downtown area who will spend money on lunch or go shopping while they are down there, but also to attract tourists looking for a day away from the beach and it is only open two to three hours a week?   That is a little ridiculous, don’t you think?  Well, we thought so…


I have been in contact with the awesome staff at the Community Redevelopment Agency since the beginning of the summer.  They have been so helpful in answering any questions that I had right away and they have been great about keeping us informed of fantastic family friendly activities!  They have been trying very hard to get the splash pad and concession stand up and running more than just two hours a week so that everyone can enjoy it.

So…the big news?!?!  The splash pad at Plaza de Luna is tentatively open from 11-7, 7 days a week!  The concession stand is also open for some of that time.  YEAH!  We are so excited about this.  They are still trying to work out the kinks so please be patient with them.  There are no guarantees that you will find everything up and operating because they may need to turn off the water or shut down the concession stand at any point. 

But, with that being said…throw a swimsuit on, grab a towel and go have a picnic lunch in Plaza de Luna!  We will post any information we receive about the Grand Opening!


  1. GREAT to hear! Too bad I have to wait until spring for them to turn it back on. 🙁

  2. We love heading to the splash pad…you guys will have lots of fun when it turns back on next spring!