Sam’s Fun City – Pensacola, Florida

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I have been taking the kids to the Soft Play section of Sam’s Fun City every couple of weeks over the past few months.  For $6 dollars each, your kids can play on the Play Zone City for as long as their heart’s content (or as long as you can sit there!).  The Play Zone City consists of a jungle gym climbing structure and a bouncy inflatables.  My children will happily run around for several hours.  They do like to stop and explore the arcade, but for the most part they are happy bouncing and climbing.  Until it is time to go.  We have to walk past the cars, carousel and other exciting to 5-year-old rides!  This is when I decide to either fight the battle and drag them kicking and screaming to the car sorry that I even made the trip or I go in and purchase 6 tickets (that is the smallest denomination) so they can each ride a ride.  Sam’s Fun City has just made my life a bit easier…and for a great price!  They have a new weekday special.  For only $10.00 each, I can let my kids play as long as they want, all day long, and then they can ride 6 of the participating rides!  This is cheaper than my previous method and everyone goes home smiling!  See the official Sam’s Fun City flyer that was sent to me below.  As always, call ahead of time to verify!

day pass weekday special---


  1. This sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing this information. I will be checking back often since we move to Pensacola in two weeks and I like to stay busy and active!

    Do you ever rate the places you go with your kids? Or have your kids rate the activities you do? Just curious. Thanks for posting the price and length of time you spend there. That is really helpful.

    Cheers, Mandy

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