Benny Russell Park – Pace, Florida


Before the sky opened up and let the storms loose, we headed out to Benny Russell Park this morning.  The park itself is easy to find.  There are so many different things for the kids to play with.  The park is kind of set back in the woods so there is lots of shade.  There are several picnic tables where people were set up with their birthday parties.  There are benches throughout the park as well.  There are relatively clean bathrooms that were both open and working while we were there.  One of the things my little guys loved was that so much is made for big kids AND little kids!  I didn’t have to worry about my kids being too adventurous and breaking something!  There are little monkey bars and rings, as well as the Tot Lot. 


The Tot Lot is somewhat of a replica of the bigger part of the playground but is sized down for 2-5 year olds.  Overall the park is a great park but my number one complaint is that there isn’t anywhere that you can stand or sit and see the whole park.  I was constantly chasing my kids all over and around blind corners so that I could keep an eye on them.  This is not a park I would choose to take my kids to if I was looking to let them run around while I relaxed on a bench under a tree!  I probably wouldn’t be comfortable taking both of my kids to this park by myself…one too many kids to keep track of at a park like this on my own!  I would definitely bring someone with me to help!  That being said, my kids loved their time at the park and we would visit again! 


Benny Russell Park is located at 5417 West Spencer Field Rd.
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