Perdido Kid’s Park


A few weeks ago, we took the family to Big Lagoon to do a little exploring.  I have the Real Florida Passport and we were itching to add another stamp to it!  On our way to Big Lagoon, we drove past a sign for the Perdido Kid’s Park entrance off of Gulf Beach Highway.  I have heard about how great this park is from families who live on that side of town.  That being said, we have never made the trek over there for play dates because it is a bit of a drive for us.  We decided that we would stop by on our way back from Big Lagoon if everyone still had some energy left in them.  I am glad that we did!  What a great park!  There are tons of play structures for the kids.  My kids loved the misters that kept them cool on this incredibly hot day.


If you go, pack a picnic or at least some water bottles.  It does have a few umbrellas and shaded areas, but for the most part it is direct sunlight and it was HOT (one of those 100 degree days).  The park was packed!  I had a hard time keeping an eye on my wild and crazy kids because there were so many people at the park so Daddy J and I spent most of the time chasing them around (while good for family time, exhausting for the parents!).  There were several events going on (birthday parties, etc) with lots of people.  While we were there, three different ice cream trucks came into the park singing their siren song to the children.  We luckily avoided having the ice cream fit because we had already had a snack, but be prepared to say no more than once or bring some cash for the ice cream!



  1. This is a great park. We’ve been a few times. While you guys were there did you get a chance to explore the nature trails? I believe the trails were built by a boy scouts group.

  2. Shawn-We haven’t explored the trails yet because everytime we go out there it is so miserable hot that all I can think about it getting back in the car! 🙂 I hope to explore them in the Fall time though.

  3. My son and I will be making a trip to Pensacola next week, this park looks great. My son will be 2 in December. Are there activites that he can do at this park? He loves going to the park at home but I am usually right on top of him while he is playing Any other suggestions for toddler friendly places?


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