Fort Conde – Mobile, Alabama

Over the weekend my family took a day trip to Mobile, Alabama.  Over the next few days, I will be posting the different things that we did.  See the first post about the Gulf Coast Exploreum here.


The parking lot that we chose to park in was right across the street from Fort Conde so after visiting the Gulf Coast Exploreum, we went into Fort Conde.  Admission is free and there is a small visitor center in the fort where you can pick up information for all kinds of activities in Mobile.  According to the website, the fort that you can explore is only about “1/3 of the original fort recreated in 4/5-scale.”  The majority of the fort was removed since there was no more need for the defense.  This fort is funny because the cannons are all aimed at high rise buildings now and Interstate 10 runs right under it!  


Even though most of it is gone now and the city has built up all around it, you can still get a feel for what life was like back then by exploring the various rooms of the forts.  The rooms have examples of how they might have looked, with period dress and various other remnants from that time period. 


You will see storage rooms, bedrooms, and a spot where they kept the prisoners.  


The kids will love to check out all the little hidey holes and the cannons on the second level.


The fort is located on 150 South Royal Street.  If you park in the public parking lot across the street, it is just a short walk to the Exploreum and other Mobile sites.
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