A visit to the Fire Station – Pensacola, Florida


After our visit to Krispy Kreme, the group headed over to the Cervantes Fire Station.  I say group (and not we!) because Little S got sick in the car on the way to Krispy Kreme, so she and I headed home while the rest of the group went across the street for a tour of the Cervantes fire station.  Because I wasn’t there, I am writing about what my son and his aunt said about the visit!  The kids had a great time and the tour was way more than we all expected.  The kids watched a movie that lasted about 15m.  It had Mickey Mouse in it!  Then they toured the station, got to see one of the firemen get all dressed up in his uniform, and the best part?  The kids all got to climb up in the firetruck.




If you are interested in touring one of our local fire stations, call to set up an appointment!  The tour is free and does not have to be booked far in advance.  We booked ours the day before!

Escambia Fire Department Contact Information (850) 436-5200

Santa Rosa County Fire Department