Marble Slab Creamery-Pensacola, Florida

I don’t know too many kids who don’t love ice cream!  With the weather creeping above 100 degrees this week, an ice cream shop is just the place to go to get out of the house and still stay out of the sun!  Marble Slab Creamery has two great locations, one across from Cordova Mall on 9th Avenue and the other located in the Target shopping center on 9 mile Road.  I have three favorite reasons for choosing Marble Slab:  1.  You can taste any and all of the flavors before you order a whole cup or a cone of it.  2.  You can order and pay for one kid’s cup and have it split into two different cups so that your two (or three or four!) children can share it!  3.  With so many flavors and mixins, everybody is happy!  My kids love the Chocolate Swiss with gummi bears.  I love the mango or lemon with rainbow sprinkles and Daddy J loves plain strawberry!  The ice cream is definitely pricier than a McDonald’s ice cream cone, but we love to stop by for a special treat!



  1. I had no idea I could just ask for another cup to split – but then again that could be because we’ve never had a good experience with the staff/owner/manager team at the location on Nine Mile Road —- but it’s good to know because that can DEFINATELY help cut on the cost for our family…… my kids can NEVER finish a whole kids cup or cone on their own anyway…

    Thanks for that tip!

  2. Elizabeth-I must admit that although we haven’t had a bad experience with the staff/owner/manager (everyone seems very nice) we always seem to get there at the end of a VERY long line and there always seems to be only one person working. They seem to work well under stress though!

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