John Duncan Memorial Children’s Park, Splash Pad and The Butterfly House -Navarre, Florida


This is one of my Littles favorite day trips during the Summer!  Depending on when you go, it can range from not very crowded at all to packed.  But even when it is packed, there’s plenty of room to run and play.  My kids love the Splash Pad the most!


The Panhandle Butterfly House a close second.  Remember it is open Thursday-Saturday and admission is FREE, but donations are appreciated.


There are several picnic tables, as well as 2 different play ground areas.   And the swings facing the water are the best!

Navarre Park in Navarre, FL 32566 Waterfront Childrens Playground

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  1. We took Aiden here yesterday and he loved it! He loves the water and spent a solid 2 hours running around the splash pad and hit every water stream a hundred times!

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if somebody has an address to the park?
    Thank you

  3. I am not sure of the exact address but it is next to the Chamber of Commerce which is located at 8543 Navarre Parkway
    Navarre, FL.

  4. ashlie sunde says

    Hi i was wondering if i had to rent a pavlin to have a birthday party there ??

  5. Hi Ashlie, We aren’t affiliated with the park so you will have to get in touch with them for information. I am not sure who to call but if you can’t find the right number try the chamber, located next to the park.

  6. Many thanks for using some time in order to compose “John Duncan Memorial Children

  7. Sara Harris says

    Hi, Thanks for this wonderful website! I get so many ideas here! I live in Navarre and rarely go to this park and this is why…I am terrified of its proximity to Highway 98. Just keep in mind if/when you decide to go here that you will be very close to the busiest road in our area.

    I know you only cover the Pensacola region, but if you ever have a reason to be in Niceville, there is an AWESOME Children’s Park with a splash pad that puts Navarre’s to shame (more like a mini waterpark). There is a bubble machine and plenty of park equipment. As a parent, the best part is that it is enclosed and you have to enter/exit through a gate. Eases this overprotective mama’s fears some.

  8. Thanks, Sara!

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