Friday Family Flicks

*As of this update, there will be no Friday Family Flicks in 2012. We will update if that news changes.

On Friday we headed to the Friday Family Flick downtown on the Palafox Pier.  We had a great time.  The movie they had playing was Bedtime Stories.  We stopped by Panera beforehand because we didn’t plan accordingly and pack a picnic.  The next time we go, I plan to pack a full blown picnic.  They did have lots of tasty snacks for sale, but we had plenty of chocolate so we were able to avoid the snacks.  About 20 minutes into the movie, the power source stopped working so we had to wait for the backup generator to kick in.  They fixed the problem quickly and efficiently.  One of the good things about this activity is that everyone around you is talking and hanging out.  It isn’t ridiculously loud, but it was ok that the kids were not silent the whole time.  We got there about 7:30 and the movie started about 8:00pm.  We didn’t stay the whole time because unfortunately, the movie didn’t hold my children’s interest.  The next movie is scheduled for June 19th and it is Pink Panther 2.  I know that if my kids were a bit older and were interested in the movie, this would have been a great activity.  It was nice to have dinner outside and relax for awhile even though the movie did not hold their attention.  img_5907-small

The screen is big enough so that even if you are sitting behind chairs or are relaxing on a blanket, you can still see it!


Enjoying their peanut butter!


  1. My sons would have LOVED that. thanks for sharing… I am going to mark the next movie night on my calendar now… so I don’t forget.

  2. Melissa- Glad that we could help! We had a blast…we will see you there! 🙂

  3. I heard that this is not going to be continued through this year!? Do you have any info on if it has in fact been cancelled?

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for your comments. The city will no longer be paying for this event or the Sunsets at Plaza de Luna. I have been told by someone at the CRA that the Maritime area (not sure if it will be in the stadium or the amphitheater) will be holding at least one movie event this summer. I will keep you posted when I get more information!

  5. Janet E. West says

    I would like to have the calenders and lists of things to do printed in a printer friendly format, so that I could easily copy these events for my prek class parents that do not have a computer or internet access.

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