Five Things to Remember When Attending Blue Angel Practice Sessions


Did you know that you can attend a Blue Angel practice session behind the Naval Aviation Musuem?  When they are at home, the Blue Angels hold practice sessions twice a week.  They are on most Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 8:30am. Every once in awhile they will have an additional scheduled practices during the week.   These practice sessions are located on the flight line behind the National Naval Aviation Museum on NAS Pensacola.  After our first visit to the practice session, I wrote about our visit here on my travel blog, but I wanted to share the tips here!


1.  Remember to call ahead!  The schedule is subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen events.  When we went, we called as we were walking out the door and found out that they had moved the practice up by 30 minutes.


2.  Pack the earplugs! If you have those big headphones that fit over the top of the ears, bring those.  Your kids will feel like pilots themselves!  They were selling earplugs when we went for only 75 cents, but they ran out quickly.  If you have your own earplugs, don’t forget them!


3.  Bring a blanket or chairs to sit on.  There are several bleachers that you can sit in, but when we got there they were packed in.  There is no way my kids would have sat squished in between people for the whole practice.  The good think about sitting on a blanket is that you get a 360 degree view and your kids can move around without annoying anyone else!  If you get there early enough, you should get a great spot right in front of the flight line!  When choosing your seat, try to get a spot near one of the volunteers holding a walkie talkie.  You can actually hear the pilots talking to each other and giving each other instructions.  The volunteers do a great job of showing you where the jets will be coming from next, naming the maneuvers, and letting you hear the #1 pilot speak.


4.  Go to the practice on a Wednesday.  The show is great any day, but if you can choose when you go make sure it is a Wednesday.  After the practice session, the pilots head to the museum for an autograph signing and a meet and greet.  Your kids will love to meet the real Blue Angels.  Even if it isn’t Wednesday, make sure you stop by the museum after the practice session.  You can check out what one of our Sunday Show and Tell moms thinks of the museum.  This is one of her favorite places to take her kids!


5.  Bring a bottle of water.  There is absolutely no shade on the flight line so you will be sitting in direct sun.  Although it is morning, it will still be very hot now that summer is approaching.

Are you planning on attending one of the practices?  Have you been and have a great tip to share with us?  Leave a comment if you have something to share!
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