Edward Ball Nature Trail at the University of West Florida


When we want to get outside and take a walk, one of our favorite places to go is the Edward Ball Nature Trail at the University of West Florida. It is nestled in the northwest corner of the campus with easy access from the parking lot.  Park in Lot G and follow the signs!  The nature trail is a 1/2 mile boardwalk that is a great place to wander while trying to spot wildlife.  On our last adventure we saw many turtles, birds, bugs, and even a snake!  My kids spotted most of the wildlife on their own.  My son was so proud of himself when he spotted the “big worm”!!!  Once I finished with my mild panic attack, I told him that it was a snake.  The snake was in the mud and we were up on the boardwalk so we were able to watch it from afar!  Big S was fascinated!  The trail is also a great place to take pictures of your kids!

Make sure that you stop at the visitor center to pick up a parking pass if you are visiting the nature trail during the school week.  You don’t want to have to pay for a parking ticket, making this free activity a pricey one!


One of the many snakes living in the area!


We couldn’t believe how many turtles we saw.



Checking out the turtles and the fish!

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